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Dental Scramble Answers:

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Losing Teeth Is Part Of Aging? 

People lose teeth for various reasons.  While some people are more succeptible to tooth damage, everything is preventable with proper home care and eating habits.  Older people often experience changes in their mouths due to medications and overall changes in their bodies, but the damage that can result from these things is entirely prventable with proper care.

Orthodontics Are Those Metal Braces, Right? 

Orthodontics isn’t just metal braces.  Many people now are having their teeth straightened using clear plastic trays such as Invisalign and other newer methods.  Some of the advantages of these methods include ease of cleaning, comfort of trays versus metal hardware, and being able to eat normally during treatment.


How Can I Afford An Implant? 


Using an implant is the most cost effective way of replacing a single tooth.  An alternative such as a bridge might initially cost less, but ends up being more expensive over time due to replacement costs and damage to teeth modified to support a bridge.   Many patients elect to spread the cost of implant treatment over time to fit their budgets with the help of dental finance plans.  For a missing tooth, your mouth deserves the benefits that come with having an implant done versus outdated treatments.