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Technology means comfort!

We use some of the newest, most advanced tools and technology available to provide a higher level of dental care. It's the ultimate experience in personalized dentistry that caters to you. You'll find:

Air abrasion - No needles, no injections and no dental drill noise or vibration! That's because air abrasion uses a fine powder to gently remove decay while preserving more of your tooth than conventional cavity preparation methods. Plus air abrasion can be used for a variety of other dental procedures that used to be done with a dental drill.

Diagnodent - Our revolutionary laser cavity detector spots small cavities hiding underneath the enamel layer before they can become big problems.

Sedation dentistry - Although Dr. Mazzei uses advanced techniques for greater gentleness and comfort, he also offers his patients both oral sedation and nitrous oxide to help calm your nerves.

Digital camera - We use digital photography for before-and-after pictures of our patients.

Velscope - State-of-the-art detection device for pre-cancerous and cancerous oral lesions. 

NTI - An advanced design appliance which protects the teeth from grinding and clenching and has the added benefits of reducing or eliminating TMJ pain, headaches, neckaches, facial muscle pain, and migraines.

Digital X-raysUp to ninety percent less radiation required to take pictures of the mouth.